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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Dec 6, 2011 11:46 AM Flag

    BOOOOYAAA, Mad Money:

    Jim Kramer:

    Mad money on tonight with Jim Kramer not only entertains you, its educates

    One day I would enjoy seeing Jim & Maria digging into the world of
    Corporate Strategies and how Analysts use metrics to
    Value price performance.
    Also, Phantom stocks..

    Walgreens and RAD who would of guessed this could be a possibilty.
    Optum Rx's current value outlook estimated at 11 Billion Dollars.

    Discussions always Welcome

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    • I, actually, really like Jim Cramer. He does tons of good with his charitable trust and he is the most entertaining commentator on CNBC. They have a good crew over at CNBC, but I think they are still feeling the losses of Mark Haines and Erin Burnett.

      Their business coverage excels compared to Bloomberg, and the CNBC website has the absolute best pre-market coverage and extgensive global market commentary.

      Cramer is just plain fun!



      • 1 Reply to big.yank
      • The compass was set IMHO by Mark Hanies,
        The Money Honey, Maria, teaming up with Jim Cramer ,could bring CNBC forum to the next level.

        Politics and Investments are strange bed fellows and Investors would have more of a understanding
        on how board governance should work for the Investor as well as the customer..
        I look at CNBC future like C-Span or NPR for the public.

        Did you see the Anti-Trust Hearings???

        Julie is the Best!!!


    • Jimmy's Juice Wagon was just Knocked-out or Knocked-off from today outlook.
      Bloombergs: Susan Decker just Floored Kramer with a breaking news story.

      Question: will this give a rise to todays Subcommitee Ratings?
      Will Al Franken and Barney Frank be offering comments later, I just like these guys.