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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Dec 14, 2011 2:02 PM Flag

    Wellpoint Esrx Contract Dispute:

    Esrx filed a Sec report about this matter,
    Now what could this be about???

    Walgreens not being part of the PBM network.

    Generic Drug pricing for generic or brand Lipitor.

    Rebates to PBM's not selected by Plan Sponsors.

    When 2 or more events happen in close proximity of each other there maybe a correlation, until more news is released 2 analysts have been reported that both parties are still talking..

    Speculation and discussion welcome!

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    • My speculation is Wellpoint has a contract with DailyMed that still runs about 1 to 2 years more. Wag is in the process of buying DM. Both are headquarted in Indianapolis. Wag has just remodled all it's stores in Indianapolis to piolet a new program. Would this be to replace Esrc? This is only my opinion. I am a Wag shareholder unlike yank who slams what I post. He will call this a non event too. The gold he got out of was a ring he pawned.

    • robbsbeach,

      It's a non-event and has nothing to do with Walgreens. There is a minor dispute from years ago when Express Scripts bought Wellpoint's small PBM. It was called NextRx, as I recall.

      The SEC filing is required under "Safe Harbors" to report even minor issues affecting an equity's future prospects.

      Compared to the ESRX impasse, QII earnings and 2012 guidance during the conference call, this Wellpoint disagreement is a non-starter i9n terms of meaningful impact on WAG, IMHO.

      As to your earlier question on DSCM, who TF knows since WAG never reports success or failure specifics on any acquisitions, once completed. It's just that $Billions in shareholder equity disappear into the financial abyss and never seem to be accounted for except in roll-up numbers. Makes it hard for investors to know if strategic moves are working or failing. Also, JMHO.

      Glad I got out of gold... getting hammered again, today!


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      • Smart move I see oil output is back in control of the Saudi's.

        Cmxgen & you made a good point, this board is boring.
        Dscm needs to be discussed in the meeting with analysts and if RAD had a agreement with DSCM.?? If this still in effect also the future of PBM's that some idiot poster thinks are going to disappear.

        Did you see Janus bet on the Walgreens Impasse.
        Just following the Money and Strategy.

        I glad you like the Ipad thingEEE I still like the feel of paper!!
        Any thoughts on the money trail in the market??

    • Please see:

      Of interest:

      "Unlike the self-insured plans managed by Wellpoint and other large insurers, Express Scripts sets itself up as a benefits reseller with provider reimbursements flowing through Express Scripts' balance sheet. This reseller business model facilitates a deceptive pricing strategy where low ball transparent management fees are subsidized by opaque transactional margins -- retail spread, retained rebates, and excess margins on generic drug prescriptions filled by captive mail order pharmcies."

    • I'm not sure but has anyone noticed the volume on Dec/Jan calls? Every day there is 14-20K volume on 35,36 or 39s. Nothing for April, May etc... Something is up. 5:1 call to put ratio. - PJ

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