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  • cmxgen cmxgen Dec 22, 2011 12:12 AM Flag

    Who's buying At this Price??

    I shorted shares today. I think we have considerable downside remaining.

    To answer your question on who is buying?
    ~ Its Wall Street and fund manager who are buying into Walgreen maintaining 97 to 99% retention of current volume. I dont know how this is possible and first quarter picture as well as monthly sales figures will reflect the outlandish over optimistic view by WAG mgmt.

    Wag faithful are still hoping for a deal. CMX is sharpening its dagger and I bet cant wait for the next negotiation with WAG.

    I still cant believe the level of white paper WAG released and the super soft ball questions...

    WAG should hit high 20s soon.

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    • I just can't trade this right now. If they announce a deal and your short you are down 7% at least in the blink of an eye. If no deal, do we gap down on 1/3? and bleed down until q2 is announced? Once all these issues are resolved we can get a better idea where the true value is.

    • In the conference transcript, the CFO said there was 680+ M left of the 2 billion announced repurchase program.
      Hope this helps..

      Milo is right, if Walgreens decides the disruption is to costly they may ponder accepting Esrx terms.
      MHS board approved the buyout.

      Either way, a downside correction should allow me to capture some shares.
      Cmxgen I hope your not doing a naked short..