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  • cmxgen cmxgen Feb 10, 2012 8:22 PM Flag

    Short Wag

    No....becareful here with overall market.

    No shorting until market actually turns. Why is WAG up I am not sure, we have steady volume on the rise, meaning this is bought up.

    If it pops over 35 and no volume then maybe for a quick scalp, if not stay away because even with bad news WAG has been rising.

    WAG may be buying shares, let them buy first. We will be able to see depending on what happens with volume. Look at SHLD, when Eddie Lam. buys SHLD can shoot up in a heart beat.

    I walked away and play gold and oil futures. Been very successful with that, let me know if you want to learn, I will teach.

    1 oil contract is 1000 barrels of oil....1 dollar move is 1K.
    Watch at night and you will see a trend...easy to scalp and make money daily.