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  • immerlogic immerlogic Jan 4, 2012 10:36 AM Flag


    Yank, my discourse was intended as an indictment of all participants in healthcare. Yes, Walgreens and all pharmacy retailers included. I included physicians and patients also. The root cause though & the most responsible parties (outside of Washington) were the insurance companies. You would put PBM's on a pedestal, but they are just opportunists like everyone else. PBM's have helped control costs. While doing so, they have lined their own pockets. The political machine has a use for PBM's in trying to control costs, but only because they just don't know how to throw the insurance industry out of pharmacy care. Many in congress have been aware of the cause of escalating costs for 3 decades but they let it get out of control as they just couldn't refuse the outrageous bribes of the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the insurance industry.
    Regarding Obamacare the wording clearly requires everyone to be a part of the pool, not just offer them the opportunity. That is not the best way to deal with The hospital emergency dept. woes you speak of. Emergency rooms should not be required to treat regardless of ability to pay.
    You, by the way, are the one who needs to get out more. I'm not the one posting incessantly on message boards.