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  • dbl_dbl_agnt dbl_dbl_agnt Jan 4, 2012 6:45 PM Flag

    What Walgreens giveth..

    CVS taketh away!!!!!

    but I'm just bitter and out of the loop and my posts are meaningless. When I'm not busy being bitter (especially with my WAG holdings), I am very, very happy with my CVS holdings.

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    • Everyday Walgreens contributes to the bottom line at CVS. A train wreck for Walgreens investors, but great news for all else.

      So glad I bought CVS in June. The market speaks and nobody at Walgreens listened. Can't believe the SP has held up to this point. When january sales are announced no amount of hyperbole will stop this stock dive. The only ones buying are those that believe a resolution with Esrx is inevitable and if Walgreens management really believes they will survive without Esrx, hopefully they survive long enough to prove it. IMHO - it isn't going to happen.