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  • rgsam54 rgsam54 Feb 24, 2012 3:39 PM Flag

    My Walgreens

    Thats an easy one. I have two walgreens by my house. one is about 3 minutes away I'll say 5 tops if I catch the light. the other is about the same in the other direction. The closes walmart is about 15 minutes to 20 depending the lights. Just wasting the gas for a half-hour drive. Its cheaper to go to Walgreens. If you look for sales there not much different then going to walmart. Which like the guy said tough to get in and out of. Some quick items you pay say 50 cents more or less. some are cheaper some are the same price. Yes some are more expensive. you want to add the price of gas and your time. Walgreens is more convienent.