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  • cmxgen cmxgen Mar 17, 2012 11:11 PM Flag


    I think there is a good chance we see a WAG/ESRX(MHS) agreement. MHS/ESRX is a done deal and WAG isnt left with many options here.

    Note the increase in stock price, ESRX not closing quickly, there are issues we are not aware. I suspect WAG has realized 1. cant lose MHS 2.) the support they thought they had losing ESRX wasnt there.

    I doubt they will buy RAD because they would have to divest so many stores.

    Make me not want to short or go long. I will wait out earnings and see if there is guidance.

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    • If your cardiologist writes for lisinopril, metoprolol, enalapril, and other low margin items, why would walgreens want to press hard?

      Now if you were on Hep C, Psych, HIV, growth hormone therapies......then hmm it might be different.

    • Every physicain I have had never has pressured me into any pharmacy. The one writes me the script and I take it to where ever I want, Which happens to be Walgreens. (My Cardiologist) My family doctor always ask me who my pharmacist is and sends it there. Not once my cardiologist, my family doctor, my eye doctor. also my wife's doctors nobody has pressured us anywhere.

    • Sounds like you have some mental problems.

    • I tried going to the docs but wag pays them off. Look at which boards your WAG guys are on. I had a patient tell him his top notch doc was begging him to take a script for something he didnt need to WAG....pressure from board to have scripts sent to WAG. Now dont get me wrong I can get the cheap scripts, but we are talking about profitable ones! give me some drug names I will tell you a ball park of what i make on it.

      I dont want to go into detail in this but I have been documenting this as well as taking affidavits from patients. my attorney says this is a potential step in suing but not sure what I can really get out of it......WAG knows they can pick on the little guy. They offer about 1 year of earnings for a pharmacy.

      Yes profitable patients have labels.........how do you suppose PBMs can pick em off? I will make it simple for u, look at the most profitable drugs and work backwards!!!!!

    • I have worked for Wag for 6 years. I have never not transferred a script when called nor have I seen anything from company telling us NOT to transfer. I dont like what the company is doing, but that is up to the big dogs not me. Maybe they know something I dont.

      As for Wal-Mart, I have been told that any independent pharmacy that tries to compete with $4 scripts goes out of business. Anyone know anything about that. My father-in-law talked to a young man in pharmacy school that goes to his church who works for Wal-mart. He told him that his DM told them that they did not care if the pharmacy made money or not, just keep customer in store for 30 minutes.

    • "WAG wont give me copies on profitable prescriptions. I can go out there and find profitable patients.......but I cant transfer them over."

      Patients can fill their prescriptions where ever they want to. I find it hard to believe that if you call WAG for a copy, they won't give it to you. But, even if this unlikely scenario is true, just get off your lazy butt and call the doctor for the prescription.

      And, what about this, "I can go out there and find profitable patients"?

      Out where? Do these patients have labels on their foreheads?

    • ESRX could have closed on the merger but elected to give the FTC more time for review..............hence, merger will be completed one way with possible divest of some biz.

      I am an independent with plenty of experience working analytics for a PBM. WAG is a worse enemy than a PBM. Why? WAG wont give me copies on profitable prescriptions. I can go out there and find profitable patients.......but I cant transfer them over.

      I would have at least doubled my biz if WAG played nice, but they don't. So its nice to see WAG get kicked around a bit.

      PBMs are picking off or targeting the profitable disease states! Yes, just like WAG putting a pharmacy in a hospital and going after the more expensive meds. Why cant a PBM do the same thing? At the end of the day lower cost will prevail, obviously WAG isnt on the same page with lower costs, therefore they will lose business, however they will keep the more profitable plans.

      Pricing isnt convoluted, its actually pretty simple. let me ask you, if WMT is willing to take 4 dollars on various generics, shouldnt WAG? or should they continue fleecing America's seniors and health plans.

    • I am not sure how a company that covers 1 in 2 americans can be approved by FTC. ESRX/MHS combine will process 1 in 2 presecriptions in US (135 million covered lives). It is a lot more monopolistic than AT&T/ Tmo merger.

      If you are an independent, you should be as concerned about ESRX/MHS as WAG or other retail chains.

      “The PBM is a competitor that can poach and cherry-pick the most profitable prescriptions, and they have made the [pharmaceutical insurance] payment system so convoluted it’s hard to pinpoint how they make their money.”

      The root cause of the issue is the convoluted pricing of drugs and if that can be straightened out, the need for PBMs themselves go away. I would be curious to know which country other than US has a similar model for pricing drugs.

    • .....the downgrading of AM's to shift managers is not " trivial ".....that's over 30,000 full timers taking about a 25% haircut...JMHO.

    • Wait and see what cvs does in 2013.

      I will short should wag pop on an agreement with esrx.

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