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  • cmxgen cmxgen Mar 18, 2012 11:58 PM Flag

    Triwest unh 17b contract

    United health got a huge contract last week. I wonder if this is a positive for wag. Esrx may lose tricare soon.

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    • UNH with their tools (part of optum) is far ahead of anything ESRX or MHS can do from care coordination perspective.

      Again this is similar to the concepts from business process reengineering. Instead of having siloed specialized entities generating more paper work and bureaucracy, integrated organizations connected using information networks will be the future. Once you have EHR fully implemented, I am not sure if there is any value of having huge organizations like Walgreens or ESRX. Any provider should be able to tap into these information networks to co-ordinate care - i.e. a more decentralized model.
      "The entire health care delivery system is becoming more oriented toward collaborating and sharing accountability for patient health. Partnering with UnitedHealthcare and Optum to improve across all areas of our practice is the next step in our evolution to provide best-in-class care to our patients, reduce total medical costs and increase patient satisfaction across the region,” said Simeon Schwartz, M.D., president and CEO of WESTMED.

      Anthem must be regretting their sale of the PBM business to ESRX, but I don't think Anthem has anything resembling optum.

    • I caught your drift, We happen to have background sharing experience in this sector.

      As you are experienced in the Caremark integrated programs you have a deeper understanding of what this means and the resulting issues that have occurred by
      aggressive Win mindsets.

      I was not pleased with past issues as you may have a different outlook, but overall
      the system did change to the benefit of the patient.
      Now as a investor I can enjoy each companies success and failures and chat with others who understand the short comings in the Executive Suite.

      Read my post about dividends, it amazed me to learn what the mindset on the street is thinking..

      Let me Know if you see a opportunity out there, I will do like wise..


    • BTW, GM doesn't manufacture lightbulb

      ESRX/MHS doesn't manufacture drugs either.

      GM doesn't go through five levels of intermediaries to procure light bulb either.

    • yeah, but UNH customers have less reason to seek out Rx management elsewhere now.

      Optum just started on a large scale by kicking MHS out which sent MHS begging to ESRX for takeover. PBM shellgame has run its course.

      Using your analogy, I don't eat junk from McD, I go to subway that bakes their own bread. :)

    • Thank you Chad:

      You lack of experience has now been posted,
      McDonald, does not make burger buns, and Ford does not sell GM light bulbs,
      and neither company manufacture's light bulbs.

      United Healthcare has networks for Payor's including Rx services and excluding Rx services..That you can take to the Bank..

      Have a good day.

    • If united healthcare won the contract from triwest and if walgreens is in their network therefore walgreens now has regained access to this valuable source. True or False.

    • This is a interesting turn of events, Triwest will object to the bid process that was higher by(UNH)than the one they presented for services.
      As for the PBM component or Pharmacy network, This is still contracted thru Esrx
      unless I am miss reading their benefits.
      TriWest is a consortium of providers as I understand it.

      Although some specialty is provided by a carve out by Walgreens under the existing contract(IV),
      This may change under UNH that is expanding their market share of in-house pharmacy services.

      What is your understanding of this???

    • Walgreens would have to benefit with this deal because of the agreement with united health care. It seems to a solid agreement due their relationship with other health areas like diabetis etc. Question why wouldn't this make news to shore up the stock with getting this business back. any thoughts

    • some people have said wag would get tricare back soon.