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  • bananafana4friend bananafana4friend Apr 30, 2012 10:24 AM Flag

    AWP games

    I had a script filled at wag on my insurance it was $101
    I had the same script filled on my insurance at Sam's and it was $75. Interesting the sam's club cash price is $45. So I called medco who I had transferred all but this prescription to for mail order and asked what the prescription would cost. Their medco price to me was $101 similar to wags. So I asked what is the AWP they were using to price the script. The person on the phone had no idea. So it seems to me games are being played with awp at the expense of the patient.

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    • "I have a guy" What does that mean?

      "They charge him 10% of actual cost" Really? What's the medicine and quantity? How much are they charging for it? Why won't you price match that deal to get him to fill the script at your pharmacy? Maybe YOUR prices are just too inflated. I guess you have to gouge your indy pharm customers to make up for the name-your-price folks, huh?

    • Here is 1 for u.

      I have a guy who goes to a WAG to get an RX for a brand drug not covered by his insurance. They charge him 10% of actual cost of the med? Different prices for different folks. Remember when there was price matching?

    • Then do you lock in that rate for everyone?

    • Pawn Stores.

      Instead of whats the least your willing to take, its what the most you can pay?

      When you do it right, they will give you a little more because they feel they are taking advantage of you!

      EZ money.

    • "Yeah I will price according to what someone can pay."


      How's that work?

      Do you start out high, and the customer low? Then do you both keep shouting out prices until you meet in the middle?

      Kind of like negotiations on Pawn Stars or American Pickers?

      Or is it like PriceLine, where the customer gets to name his own price?

    • correct!

      Cash price will always be more than what Insurance reimburses. If your U&C cost is lower than what insurance reimburses you, then you would be reimbursed U&C cost.

      All these business will try to make the most money even WALMART. I had a patient bring in Lisinopril 40mg to me that I did for 20 bucks whereas WMT was charging him 100+, my cost is less than a couple dollars. WMT said lisinopril 40 is not on the 4 dollar plan, however other strengths are.

      its all a crooked game to make the most money off sick people.

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      • Actually my point is this. If they are billing using a higher AWP NDC and actually purchasing a lower AWP product isn't that fraud? I'm going to my state senator and let him know what I found. Will be interesting if this is happening to the state welfare scripts. I called a friend of mine and asked him what the AWP was for the generic he buys and it was about 20 dollars for my prescription. While there were other brands with higher AWP's he said he bills what he uses. Next stop more investigation on my part. Checking Target and the rest.

      • That's a hoot.

        Listen to Mr. High and Mighty, holier-than-thou up on his soapbox.

        He wouldn't DARE try to make money off sick people.

        Just a couple of weeks ago, he was on a wild paranoid rant about bad old Walgreens somehow conspiring to keep all the really sick (and hugely profitable) people out of his store.

        But now he's a saint!

        You're nothing but a hypocritical, self-obsessed ratbag with a whole host of functional mental issues.