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  • cmxgen cmxgen May 15, 2012 9:11 PM Flag

    Fedora or Straw Hat?

    CC whats your point?

    Y banter?

    Let me sum it up for you, WAG is putting the business on the line with its conflict with ESRX. Wasson is a gambler and I respect that because we all are here to gamble!

    You, me, robb, etc are spectators watching to see what happens. I do not have a bet either way!

    Just sit back and watch this year!

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    • Cmxgen:

      You are replying to either a Paid social media sock puppet,
      Yes, they exist In todays media departments budget or a totally uninformed buyer of this stock.

      With a 5.3(B) Billion dollar loss, Jamie Diamond would even speak out to calm his Companies investors.

      Good luck, in engaging with your newly found poster (IVan2 ) on this investment board, he/she is unable to write about this sectors outlook, or take a position without a legal disclosure.


      • 1 Reply to robbsbeach
      • Now how would you know if someone is "uninformed" if you have that person on "ignore"?

        How would you know if someone has stated a position if you have that person on "ignore"?

        How will you ever improve yourself if you have on "ignore" the one person who actually reads all your posts, laughs almost to the point of vomiting, and then responds in a sincere fashion to your meaningless, pointless, confused, pretense of knowledge?

    • cmxgen, why are you still reading my posts?