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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Jun 14, 2012 4:26 PM Flag

    Insurance Companies Mobilizing:

    M&A's have slowed down recently in the Healthcare sector.

    Today a news release, from Prime Theraputic's a B/C B/S PBM, announced
    a contract with a New Jersy Health Insurance Company.

    How will this effect pricing models in the Retail Rx sector or growth in the Mail-order business, Well I will ask you!!!

    I think we should now call the Walgreens,Esrx pricing impassee
    a "Line in the Quick Sand".

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    • rob, would you tell me what your personal beef is with wag? You don't post on any other board like esrx or cvs but your obsessive behavior is not only amusing but down right funny. Come to Jesus and tell us. With prime you know what the difference is and it is nothing to do with dispensing rates and you know that.

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      • milo:

        Walgreens could have been an outstanding competitor in this sector, that has not happened.

        The Healthcare market has evolved, (WMT,Target,Esrx,Caremark) and Walgreens has been unable to service the gaps that these new providers have filled.
        This company was once the leader in Pharmacy services while making Shareholders money, that cannot be said today...

        My point is that Walgreens has still failed to align it business model, with the Market for Medical services.
        The Healthcare Insured market has changed, think about this, every car Ford produces $4,000 is built into the
        car to pay for legacy employee costs.
        Can that be said of Toyota??

        If Walgreens cannot meet this Challenge to reduce Healthcare spend I am sure that a Walmart or another competitor will.

        As for Wag S/P vs CVS, Mr Market is a telescope that few are capable in understand the picture in the viewer.
        This show's in Walgreens S/P over the last few years..


    • The new managed care of Medicaid is asking serious questions... Justify Zoloft ... mental health providers are being audited big time. Follow what NY is doing...electronic scripts for all paper.... "treatment teams" by 2014...Medicaid for those who make under $44k...bad docs won't be selected for the team. The amount they write will be controlled...look what MA Attorney General just did to a Doc writing Soboxone...made him return $58k because he charged $185...DEA said $40 x 100 patients since 2002.

      Good Luck