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  • jimbo147 jimbo147 Jul 7, 2012 10:34 PM Flag

    Rite Aid stock much better buy than Walgreens

    @Yank, regarding RAD listen to the other poster, he knows what he is talking about regarding RADs debt, most of it has been refinanced at fixed rates so the fact that interest rates will rise makes it all the better of a move for RAD to have refinanced. As far as the same store sales decreasing, it was mostly due to generics and one month does not make a trend, we need to see if this is a blip in their year long string of positive sss growth.

    As far as the FED, go read you message again because I am not the one who is misinformed. I do not doubt that Bernanke will be removed or that interest rates may rise, but you stated that the GOPv would dismantle the FED and that is about as misinformed as you can get. Also FYI, a politician saying they will do something if elected is not proof of about naive!!