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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Aug 15, 2012 4:57 PM Flag

    Re-Importation of Drugs a No.No.

    I was just reviewing Cantor Fitzgerald's buy rating and saw a Huge
    misstep in the Generic projection value.

    As Walgreens and A/B receives discounts from foreign Generic manufactures,
    these drugs will be stored in Warehouses around the Globe of A/B and in Walgreen's US Warehouses.
    As these large drugs buys are oversupplied in some Countries and under-supplied in others, The transferring of these controlled medicines hits a Wall/closed door when the are needed into the US market.

    Perhaps I am misreading this law...

    Comments welcome!!!

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    • rob - I do not have access to the actual Cantor research report (if you do could you please post). However, from the few articles I have read I believe the analyst was referring to the sale of generics vs brand name drugs and had nothing to do with Boots. Selling generics is more profitable for pharmacies than selling branded drugs. Blockbuster drugs coming off of patent are always a boon for drug stores. A side effect is that it does lower revenues since they are sold at a cheaper price. But analysts who follow the industry understand that.

    • I see no one wants to explain this

      So, lets move forward to the KKR
      move into building revenue.

      Walgreens, had made numerous Acquisition this past year, and integration with direction of these have not been discussed.
      Or, if any of these buy's has added to the bottom line, with-out the adjustment for reserves factored in.
      Drug did we all forget about this..

      B/Y this was you pick for the Future..
      Well ?????

      • 1 Reply to robbsbeach
      • No one wants to engage in conversation with a RETARD. You know NOTHING about this industry.

        You sold WAG at 30.50 and missed out on an amazingly quick run to 36. Yet, you seem PROUD of your stupidity. Why?

        You brag about buying KKR. How many pennies have you made on this brilliant investment?

        You post pointless nonsense, and then get frustrated when no one wants to comment.

        You might as well say, "I saw a tree today. Please discuss."