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  • cc43578 cc43578 Aug 23, 2012 5:28 AM Flag

    The link between ESRX dispute and Boots purchase

    "I see you are impressed with Alliance Boots business planning, you should be and buy it, Like I did through KKR."

    Still proud of shooting yourself in the foot, I see. You sold WAG at 30.50. That speaks volumes about your investment skills.

    "As for Walgreens line in the sand plan .. pop pop fizz fizz oh what a failure to the stock price and business this is ."

    No denying that preserving the bottom line for the future was costly to Walgreens, but it had to be done, and was done expertly.

    "Your posting about the Esrx Contract, if you Know more than the public let us read about it...other-wise Esrx Financials stand... on who's SEC Filed Income revenue saw the biggest hit."

    Bottom line is Walgreens business model works and remains intact despite those who would have destroyed it. This was a victory not only for Walgreens, but for the entire retail drug industry.

    "And that 1st yr. Accretion to earnings projection from the A/B merger,
    Interesting that not a word was mentioned about A/B reserve holdings, and how they will be handled after the 4 billion dollar Bridge loan payment by Walgreens!"

    What matters to intelligent investors (present company excepted) is how much the merger will add to WAG's bottom line, and that was properly addressed. If you need more information, which I can't imagine why, just call investor relations. Be sure to tell them you sold at 30.50, instead of making an additional $5 per share and collecting another 3% in dividend. You want to put your best foot forward :-)