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  • investora2z investora2z May 29, 2013 8:37 AM Flag

    May get tired after a few percentages

    A stock which keeps making new highs all the time deserves to be given due respect. Walgreen has rewarded the investors with great returns and consistent dividends over the years. The fundamentals have been improving and the company still trades at 0.67 times its sales and forward P/E is less than 14. Most analysts have a buy rating on the stock and the consensus price target is around $52. JP Morgan and Scotia Bank have a target of $55 and $58 respectively on the stock which is 10-15 % above the current price. However, after the wonderful rise, there have been a few sell recommendations also which are coming up. Some are even putting at price target of around $45. Now that the stock has grown so strongly over a long period of time, the possibility of a major correction are relatively low. Any minor dip is likely to be bought. For Walgreen the growth story has been pretty secular so far, so one would expect a slow and steady rise even from here on. But the rise will not be easy any more and has to backed by stronger fundamentals. This is because the recent moves may have factored a lot of future positivity already. To go significantly up from here, there has to be either great earnings or some other fundamental news. The last earnings were good with expansion in margins, but the revenues did not show much growth. New products which have good margins and growth potential can help achieve that. Smaller companies are coming up with good products. ChromaDex Corporation (CDXC), which is backed by billionaire investor Dr Frost and Barry Honig, has been creating good proprietary ingredients, like the co-crystal molecule which increases the half-life of caffeine. Walgreen has to improve growth and at least maintain the margins so that the stock keeps growing. Room for slippages is reducing.