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  • gerport2001 gerport2001 Jun 4, 2013 7:28 PM Flag

    What Does Obama White House and Walgreen Have in Common? - Lesson One

    In writing a book on American health care practices, my eyes have been opened by workers at CVS, WAG and smaller independent pharmacies. The personal interviews are enlightening. There are trends of corporate behavior at WAC comparable to the Obama House, such as:

    1) Both from Chicago
    2) Both use management by intimidation for employee control; even union officers do mangements' bidding...
    3) Even the security personnel are the customers' worse enemy - everybody is considered dishonest
    4) Both hire mediocre managers, who believe in self-aggrandizement and claim credit for reportees' successes. However throw people under the bus, when the managers feel threatened by good employees...Others use lies to disenfranchise good workers....
    5) Both have mediocre managers who expose BS constantly

    Watch and Learn

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