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  • donn13_1998 donn13_1998 Jun 28, 2013 1:19 PM Flag


    Walgreens management a bunch of racist HYPOCRITES. Walgreens dumped Paula Deen for words she used years ago. Who did she offend? Walgreens dumped Paula Deen because she is White. If she was black she would not have been dumped. How many US companies like Walgreens have been blackmailed by black leaders to give money and promotions to undeserving blacks and black organizations by playing the race card.

    BOYCOTT WALGREENS because they SUCK!

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    • In light of the earnings miss, it looks like WAG will have to lay-off employees who have poor customer service abilities, and/or the dumb. They have limited understanding of the term "customer service" and "employee value". The see all customers and employees as potential thieves. Some managers, who are jealous of the success of their reportees, are willing to put them under the bus just to get their commissions etc. There is a so-call POS sales clerk or consultant in the recently opened SF store, Mara who cheats and steals. She should go immediately, she lied to management about some employees who had to resign. She was pocketing money.. Then there are other who are having sex in the bathrooms...

      Thus, boycott for the principles of good customer service and employee welfare.

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      • It was pleasurable to go to Walgreen's in Palo Alto to see three pharmacy techs and few customers. The techs were standing there like zombies. Ask for my prescription which took , which was available, but it took them 15 minutes to run the credit card machine. Like the story how many people it takes to change a light bulb - "one to stand on the chair and two to turn the chair". Walgreens lost 30 min of labor costs on one transaction... Boycott for the principles of good customer service