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  • corissafpppoincaire corissafpppoincaire Jun 25, 2014 1:46 PM Flag

    You need to start your research on BIGG right away!

    2012 to 2013 revenues sees 17% increase as BIGG powers on.

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    • Walgreens pulling a real stunt here - doubling the regular price, then showing a "deal" by reducing this fake doubled price by 20%or so. Do they think their customers are stupid? Keep tabs on what the regular prices are, and don't let Walgreens get away with this bad idea. Could explain why the stores are nearly empty when I shop there. Another dumb idea: businesss is down, so let's make up for it by raising the prices in a stealthy way to the customers we have left. Really intellignet, LOL. Like people don't notice!