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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Jul 10, 2014 4:03 PM Flag

    Walgreens can't make money in the USA

    Walgreens currently is not making what it believes is a fair amount of money in the USA..
    Walgreens CEO who books over 12 million a year in salary, stocks and benefits is deeply involved in analyzing moving this Corporation into a overseas tax haven.
    CVS, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart and Krogers.. Walgreens main competitors in the Pharmacy business are still USA based tax paying Corporations and will gladly service the American pharmacy customer who are loyal to the USA flag, and these Corp's. help fund the salaries of our men and women serving in our military.
    Walgreens Co. would rather fund roads, education, and heathcare services in another country before cutting there over paid executive salary's.
    Geez... I will not be shopping there anytime soon


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    • There are an overabundance of political motives that make me sick. We need a place to make or lose money based on sound business practices. Without the help of a miserable President.

    • U.S. drugmaker AbbVie finally wins Dublin's Shire with $55 billion deal
      This is bigger tax inversion than WAG and it bases in Chicago...Where is #$%$ Durbin

    • So, you think CEO and directors should be content with what the company is making and pass on an opportunity to increase shareholder value? You think it's okay for scores of other public companies to minimize their tax bills, but not Walgreens? Would this have anything to do with the fact you sold WAG in the low $30's and missed the run to $70 and now cannot bare to watch it run to $100? You have been negative on WAG for years and now you pretend to be an offended customer whose business Walgreens will lose. You are truly pathetic.

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      • bannon.race Jul 11, 2014 12:23 PM Flag

        The constitution of the Unites States makes the assumption that people (and corporations) will behave with a degree of charity and a sense of fair play.

        Moving an American company to another country, to skirt taxes, may be legal, but it violates that principle.

        Walgreens follows the letter of the law, not the spirit of the law. And when people (or corporations) do not behave fairly, do not show self restraint or morality, its time for some new laws.

        Of course, there are some who think the answer is letting the rich run everything...who blame the law, not the company. Such a person is henleywm.