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  • cosmelogicalcorrespondent cosmelogicalcorrespondent Jul 31, 2014 5:17 PM Flag

    if Walgreen's shirks US taxes, then ban them from VA, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and other US tax supported programs

    Only fair, right? that one who shirks paying for tax supported programs should be banned from receiving those dollars from filling military, VA ,Tricare, government employee, medicare part D, Medicaid prescriptions and so forth.

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    • I agree it's Fair..., and to be sure we're "FAIR" to everybody..., only DEMOCRATS and LIBERALS should be required to sign up for ObamaCare, it should be optional for everybody else...., thats fair.

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      • why, you are the ones demanding to shirk taxes, while you are on entitlements. I wag wants to shirk taxes then ban it from tax supported sales. same for you, a US gov employee on Tricare who whines about taxes ..... which were your livelihood. why don't you go to Switzerald, there you would not have had a career based on a bloated military budget and insane foreign meddling from Nam to bush1 oil war 1 to bush2 oil war 2. In fact Walgreens is telling YOU, they don't want to pay for YOUR military BS, Switzerland has ZERO dollars going foreign quagmires and meddling, USA has blown trillions and trillions on such.. Switzerland does pay for good UNIVersal health care, strong social security, paid maternity leave and other "socialist" things you whine about while bragging how you deserve Tricare for life.

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