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  • cosmelogicalcorrespondent cosmelogicalcorrespondent Jul 31, 2014 5:31 PM Flag

    should US defense contractors do a wagreens move to Switzerland or China or Russia for their bottom line?

    Lockheed Martin Corp. might decide move to China lower their taxes and labor costs!
    The Boeing Company & Raytheon Company might move to Russia, for business reasons!!
    Northrop Grumman Corp. & General Dynamics Corp. might do as the WAG does and move to Switzerland!!
    all pretend moves on paper for shirking taxes, though so no big deal, right?

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    • Here's Forbes take on tax inversion. For those who don't know Forbes, it's a pure Republican rag.

      For the Democrats, corporate inversions seem like a good issue. You know, Republicans are conducting a war on women; Republicans hate those poor children who are not crossing our borderless borders but represent a humanitarian crisis; and Republicans are friends of those greedy corporations that spit on the American flag.

      For Republicans it’s a bit trickier. As my colleague Marty Sullivan points out in his excellent post last week, Republicans realize they need to “shake off their identification as the party of the rich.” Many Republicans believe they must look more “populist” if they want to take the Senate from the Democrats. Marty writes, “It is probably too much to ask, but it may even be possible that Republican wrath against big business could be aimed at U.S. tax rules that allow multinationals to receive tax benefits from inversions.” Put me in the skeptical camp on that one.

      And even if Republicans get what they say they want – a reformed business tax system – who’s going to enforce the new rules? Will it be an IRS that the Republicans are doing everything they can to decimate with budget cuts?

      What seems lost in all this is that our corporate income tax system is the pits because politicians from both parties have been selling it out for decades.

    • I agree with your logic, therefore ONLY Democrats and Liberals should be REQUIRED to get ObamaCare, and ONLY Democrats and Liberals should have to pay for illegals and welfare...., seems fair, according to your logic.

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