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  • delver_rootnose delver_rootnose Dec 13, 1997 11:57 AM Flag

    Keep stock low key

    In the WAG anual report they said it was unlikly they would make any major purchases . To quote the company presedent, Dan Jorndt, from the anual report when they are discussing growth

    " "Our approach differs from our major competitors," he adds. "Most notably, we are not participating in the acquisition feeding frenzy which has gripped our industry. As Finanical World noted, 'There's as much chance of Walgreen making a major acquisition as there is of Dennis Rodman joining a monastery.' We Agree." "

    The 'not' in the above quote was emphasised. Since Thrifty would probably be considered a major acquisition I think it is unlikly they will buy it. Unless they are being deceptive in the anual report and I doubt that very much.

    Was the store manager talking a WAG manager or a Thrifty manager?

    P. S. I think Dennis Rodman would be helped by some time in a monastery.