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  • usonian usonian Dec 17, 1997 4:09 PM Flag

    disturbing trend in DRIPland

    Moochcat says:

    >I've noted a disturbing trend in DRIPS, wags included.
    >They've jacked up the minimum necessary to enroll while
    >also jacking up the brokerage fee. Granted, they can't
    >lose money, but $5 per transaction approaches some of the
    >electronic brok. fees. Do you all agree? Like to get your

    It's only $1.50 for automatic debits. Isn't long term periodic
    investments the point of DRIP investing? I assume that the higher
    fees for non automatic debits are to discourage the in and out
    trader types.

    I'm joining the WAG DRIP in January. I plan to invest $50 a month
    for the next 20 years. Under the current plan fees it will cost
    about $1.65 per month to do this.

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