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  • corvette_bri corvette_bri Mar 9, 1998 12:33 AM Flag

    General concensus

    I was wondering if averyone on this board would be so kind as to give me your opinion on buying some WAG stock through their direct purchase DRIP plan. Should i buy in now, or should I wait for this supposed correction that has been mentioned? As I am new to the stock market and a young investor with a limited amount of money to invest, I'd like to get some opinions from existing shareholders before I let go of my cash. I'd appreciate your help. thanks. Bri

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    • As a long term holder of WAG (since '86), I can tell you that this is a great company and stock. Welcome aboard! It is not a high tech wonder thundering ahead 3 points in one day and falling 4 the next. It has been a sure and steady gainer over time. It is a long term hold and not necessarily a trading stock, in my opinion.

      It is pretty pricey as I have stated in previous posts, with a PE of around 40. This is my only concern at all about this fine company.

      Since you are getting in through their DRIP program, here is what I would suggest. Take the money you have set aside for WAG and invest it monthly over the next twelve months. In other words, use dollar cost averaging. You'll get some shares at higher prices, some lower, but you'll lessen the risk of buying it all at a high price now and getting burned.

      If WAG continues to go up, you'll make money. If it corrects, you'll be buying some shares at the lower price. I don't see Walgreen correcting radically, I feel it has just gotten ahead of itself a bit.

      Whatever you decide, buy Walgreen at some point!! Good luck!!

    • I'm considering buying some WAG for my parent's account (Dad likes their new stores). They hold all their stocks forever. Would very much appreciate your feedback.