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  • JENKS98 JENKS98 Mar 25, 1998 10:34 PM Flag

    Lets build a PE of 45 here!

    Why would WAG even deserve a PE of 45. Lets disect it. At current interest rates and WAG growth it is already deserving of
    35 to 40, depending on how you crunch it. If for some goofy reason the FED were to lower interest rates, which some loyal
    analyst still feel that in the light of everything, we are still about 1 point too high. If this were to happen, WAG instantly goes
    to a PE of 45 or more. My favorite part is, No Long Term Debt, which gives us great shareholder equity. Also, sales are up 14%
    for the second quarter. Just go to and crunch the numbers. In the third quarter, lets say they got
    $400,000,000 for the sale of the Long Term Care, $40,000,000 X 10 yrs. Could be high, could be low, who knows. That 400 mil would give
    them about 33% of month of sales, probably boosting their third quarter up to 25% over third quarter 97. Someone out there knows
    how much they are getting, come on, leak it. Last but not least, Domestic Sales. No Asian Flu to contend with. Oh I also get all
    my scripts filled there.