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  • JENKS98 JENKS98 Mar 29, 1998 9:36 AM Flag

    To: CramerFAN

    First of all, I doubt there is any bigger Cramer Fan than myself. Second of all, if you are a Cramer Fan, you know he is
    long Ford. Ford has had 9, I'll say it again and spell it out, NINE, cases of insider selling since October alone. Third, if you
    don't own any WAG stock, I would expect you to keep comments like that to yourself. Fourth, if insider selling is any indication
    of where the stock is going, in Ford's case, it is up some 30% since Jan., with the insider selling going on. And Last but not
    least, WAG's PE is in indication of what investors are willing to pay for the stock in consideration of future earnings and growth,
    so why would this quarter be any different than the dozens of quarters before it. I hope you are not short.

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    • First of all I'd like to thank CramerFan for providing some published information that I did not currently have. I don't
      understand you idiots misunderstood that message. I didn't see any evidence in that message that Cramer himself is long this stock. If
      JENKS98 is such a huge Cramer fan then reading TSC today would reveal the source of the insider trading article, no Cramer link just
      a staff reporter summing up stuff on the web. I don't think that message came from a short I just think some people on this
      thread are a little ignorant and a lot paranoid.