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  • GEandH GEandH Mar 29, 1998 10:17 AM Flag

    I agree!

    Look at what Disney was doing during their insider trading. I went back through the SEC files for this last week, and it
    looks to me like last week was the week of the Insider Sale. I would be doing the same. I don't think I would have sold back in
    Nov. when the market was moving sideways, I think most of us would be selling while it was going up. WAG insiders just knew that
    they didn't want to look bad by selling after the stock pops after earnings and they knew the stock could handle a little dumping
    since it was showing strenth last week. It's the same old same old. Walgreens just sticks out because the insiders never sell
    their stock, well I have news for everyone, if most of my salary was based on stock options, I would be selling allot more often
    and not every 7 or 8 years like Walgreens Execs. have been doing. In fact I think Cramer invites shorting and insider selling,
    it just gives him more incentive to buy more himself.