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  • JENKS98 JENKS98 Mar 29, 1998 4:07 PM Flag

    Hey Sweethart.

    I know exactly who wrote the article on TSC. And you, if you are not ignorant about investing you can find every single form
    144 filed with the SEC on their homepage. As for the paranoid crack, to most investors that do not buy and sell large lots of
    stock very often, they would have taken what was said about the insider selling as an omen. The average joe that works 50 hrs a
    week and doesn't do a great deal of research on the web might had taken that comment about allot of insider selling the wrong
    way. All of us that own WAG are just looking forward to the 10Q, and for a comment to pop up on the board like that might keep
    someone from investing in WAG, when we all know WAG will just keep growing at 15% to 20% every year, insider trading or not. I
    figure Cramer is probably not even in WAG, you just picked that out of the blue.