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  • Bill_C_27 Bill_C_27 Jun 5, 1998 5:20 PM Flag

    down for wag?

    what happened to wag at the end of trading?

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    • they usuall historically all make their sale in july/aug. nothing to worry about their intilted to take some profits too.

    • seems like a lot of insider selling so far in 98

    • I suggest you go to California or Oregon. RAD sure has gold mines in those 2 states.

    • I have yet to see a Rite Aid with 20-30 cars in
      front of it unless the people are going to some other
      business in the center! Most new Rads hace 3 or 4 cars,
      the manager, the rph, a tech and maybe 1 front clerk
      if the manager is not on the register!!

    • In 2006, how many stores will WAG have? What is
      their expansion plan? Rite Aid will open 200 stores per
      year and relocate or remodel over 1 per day. They have
      1,500 more stores to relocate or remodel. I saw
      somewhere where Martin Grass (RAD CEO) said all
      remodels/relocations will be done within 5 years. So, after all of
      that is done, they too will be expanding aggressivley.
      WAG and RAD will be like Burger King and McDonalds.
      One on one side of the street, one on the other. I
      saw a Walgreen in Woodland,CA (not distrib center,
      store) and there were only 4 cars infront of it. At the
      Longs across the street, all I can say is that there
      were 2 checkouts open with lines, and at the Rite Aid,
      there were between 20-30 cars in front of it. I think
      Longs had most business, could not get car count, it
      was in busy shopping center that also had a Holiday
      Quality Foods supermarket.

    • Rite Aid was probably the first to stop taking
      any 3rd partyplans, no profit no plan at Rite aid.!
      Rite Aid at this point does not care about its cash
      customer though, they are 80% 3rd party rx business.. This
      is fine if that is what you are planning and that
      seems to be the way of the future. But, I know of
      stores that Rite Aid has acquired that had 50% cash
      customers but they drove them away by basically doubling
      the cash price from the previous owner. Right now an
      independent pharmacy is thriving because they picked up all
      the slack, I purchased my wife's rx for 2.99 that
      Rite Aid wanted $8.99 for the same generic.. This is
      what WAG has to avoid, driving off any remaining CASH
      customers, there are still some out there!

    • Why is it OK for the Insurance company and the
      Doctor to make money, but it is not OK for the drugstore
      to make money. Cash customers are forced to pay a
      higher price for there meds because Insurance companies
      have been able to pay the pharmacies almost nothing
      for filling a prescription. The reason that drug
      stores continue to take the plans is that no matter how
      low the Insurance company goes some fool is always
      willing to accept it. Have you noticed that many drug
      chains these days are refusing to accept many Insurance
      carriers? They have finally said enough is enough. If the
      third party base was not so high in most drugstores,
      than overall the cash price would go down. Quit being
      ticked off at Drug chains for trying to turn a profit.

    • I agree front end sales is where the real profit
      is made, but it is not as high as your example with
      the soap most Wag's ave. around 30% gross profit on
      their front end sales. Most wags ave around 24% in
      their rx dept. They are getting more agressive with
      their 3rd party plans that they accept anymore because
      they have to make a certain gross profit before they
      will accept the plan . While I was working with CRW we
      did drop a few 3rd party plans beacause the profits
      are not there. I believe the future of CRW is
      unlimited because of the agressive growth,cash heavy,very
      good internal distribution network,and name brand
      recognition. and because they are so big in several name brand
      products as far as sales goes they get a very good price
      when purchasing products. CRW is a first class company
      and one of the best long term investments a person
      can ever make you will never lose money with them. GO

    • The predominant pharmacy in my state offers
      counseling when you get a presription filled. They have a
      form where they indicate whether you accepted or
      declined counseling. In looking over the form, it appears
      that none of the customers ever want

      If people don't want counseling when it's free, why
      would they be willing to pay for it? My doctor gives me
      instructions when he prescribes medicine. I really don't need
      additional advice from the pharmacist. Just give me the
      right pills.

    • Most of the market is overpriced these days its
      heard to find a company that is trading at a discount
      with good potential for longivity and continued growth
      in earnings and market share. WAG trade at a premium
      price VS other companys which can not sustain high P/E
      compared to their conterparts in that sector and business.
      Investors are willing to buy a S & P company like WAG
      because in the long run it is a good buy anyway. Look at
      its track record outperformed the S & P index for
      years. 2 stock splits and > than the S & P's 200%
      return in the past 4 years.

      If you whant a kick,
      why dont you look up AOL's P/E I think you'll find it
      around 600 x price per earnings. LOCO

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