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  • wannabeckmodel wannabeckmodel Jun 29, 1998 7:06 PM Flag


    5 years ago money managers said that owning a
    retail stock was stupid because the market was
    saturated. Well, the retail market is more saturated as we
    speak and the multiple on this stock is outrageous.
    This stock is a joke. I wouldn't recommend a company
    with 3% net profit margins and a pe of over 40 and
    insiders selling at an astonishing rate as a solid
    long-term investment. If you want to own walgreens wait
    till the stock market crashes.when the pin drops
    sometime in 98 have your cash ready and buy these shares
    at a major league discount to the current price.
    Just an opinion!!!

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    • It looks like you are located somewhere on the
      east coast I worked in the midwest GO HUSKERS what a
      clue.... Every thing has worked good I have entered a D.M.
      Training program with H.R. Block the job is exactly like a
      D.M. job with CRW..But alot less physical demands and
      the same amount of money a crw d.m. makes. It was
      very interesting of the 35 people in my class all of
      them were past retail managers from k-mart, crw,
      wal-mart .... and they all said the same thing long hours
      and too much presure put on them for results..... i
      think crw stock is posied to make a very good run with
      the latest sales results just released.. GO


    • Thanks for your comments stown...I hope the
      decision you made to leave is working out well for you. I
      too see myself with wag another 8-10 years until
      burnout sets in. but by then with walgreens stock drip
      etc...I will nestle away enough. I appreciate your
      comments..W-A-G-S WAGS WAGS WAGS....The chant goes as well as
      J-E-T-S ...:O)

    • I to used to work for crw for 14 yrs as a mgr,
      and left because of job burnout, long hours not
      enough help etc.... if you are in mgt you know exactly
      what i am talking about. I agree with you in that i
      expect a split sometime next year.. sometime after the
      stock hits and holds around 50 that is the usual
      pattern..i see nothing to hold this stock back and i believe
      stock has nothing but a great upswing. i have been a
      stockholder for over 12 years and have made a bunch of money
      with very little money of my own with all of the
      splits and being in the DRIP program with Harris Bank.
      Hope you are not working to hard and putting in a
      bunch of long hours this time of year... Keep up the
      sales and profits!!!!! GO WAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • the last several splits were announced when the stock got close to fifty or at about fifty . The actual split happened when wag was into the mid fifties.

    • If you wait around for the sky to fall on the
      stock market before buying, you would have waited
      through the best bull market...the 90's.

      stocks have high P/E ratios. MSFT, DELL, YHOO, if you
      didn't buy them based on their high P/E ration, you
      missed out. Only 40% of US households own a computer.
      I'm betting that if the price level now of those
      stocks is based on 40% of households with a computer,
      prices later will be much higher.

      Buy a big
      company, with brand recognition, always meeting earnings
      expectations, and ask if the company is worth the high P/E.

      Walgreens is period.

      • 1 Reply to Yankees07
      • Walgreen's will automate their pharmacy if this
        means a higher profit margin.

        Look at their
        computer systems, which they are taking a charge to the
        earnings, it's always off-line. But it will work smoothly
        some day and make everyone more efficient. The bottom
        line is profits. An automated pharmacy will make

        Pharmacists should unionize across the board, regardless of
        company affiliation. Not to fend off the effect of
        technologically advanced equipment on job availability. The
        problem is that there is a federal work law. Pharmacists
        don't abide by that law because Walgreen's does not
        allocate enough pharmacists per store for breaks or lunch.
        How many times have you gone into a pharmacy to see
        the pharmacist out of plain view, only to see him/her
        show up chewing on something with a coke in

        The second point is that as far as the pharmacists I
        know, there is no contract for pharmacists at
        Walgreens. They just started working there. They never
        signed an agreement protecting their rights to a
        severance package if their job was displaced.

        As far
        as I know, any pharmacist can be let go like some
        employee at McDonald's. Now, a college degree is worth
        more than that isn't it?

        Of course a union
        won't push back the clock on technology. However, the
        workers have a right towards enhancing their benefits and
        salary, and even the workplace. Where is the voice of
        pharmacists now?

        They have higher degrees and
        understand the importance of their position. I don't think a
        pharmacists' union would be organized out of greed or
        laziness. Imagine the anxiety caused if no pharmacy was to
        be opened tomorrow? This is an extremely valuable
        bargaining chip.