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  • azgambler_tx azgambler_tx Jul 2, 1998 3:38 PM Flag


    I've read various numbers on gross profit
    margins, e.g., 30% front end and 24% pharm. I know
    individual stores probably vary a lot, but is there
    somewhere that gives an overall net margin breakdown?

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    • one way to figure out net profit is to subtract
      the operating expenses from the gross profit. For a
      ave. Crw store it is about 8% and this is for est.
      Stores. Crw has been trying to lower it's operating
      expenses to below 20% as this is a easy way to increase
      net profit. If they can lower it just a few tenths
      this makes a huge increase in the bottom line since
      they have gross sales of 10 billion dollars. Crw is a
      very profitable company and they would even be more if
      they were not paying for all their expansion with
      inside profits.. It is great stock to buy and hold you
      will never be disappointed.......go wags......