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  • artillery0802 artillery0802 Jul 6, 1998 1:22 PM Flag

    Anyone worried about the high P/E?

    Bought in at the low 30's and would like to add more. Any thoughts?


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    • In response to jimything,....hey, I was at that
      meeting too. No matter what the "financial wizards" said
      then, they had and have no way of knowing that the
      stock was going to perform as it did this past 11
      months. If the truth were to be told, I'd be willing to
      bet (shades of that hot week in Vegas) that no one at
      Corporate a year ago could have anticipated this

      Yep...I'm looking forward to doubling my shares and options
      as well,

    • As much as we would all like a split (VERY MUCH
      MYSELF) I do not see it happening so soon. I was in
      Meetings for Walgreens last August, and was speaking to
      some of the financial wizards in the company. They did
      see a good possibility for a split in 1/2 years,
      which would put it around March of next year. Although
      they are known for announcing these in Augustm perhaps
      we could look for it during the annual meetings in

    • the stores themselves are being managed by non pharmacists, however, top management all seem to be rph's

    • What is the "Ranked 5 out of 7" rating for WAGS based on? What's the criteria? Is ECK not rated at all anymore except under JCP?

    • i am a walgreens employee.i read where walgreens
      stock will split after it reaches 50 & stays 50 or more
      for 30 consective days.this was decided by board of
      directors years dosent mater if the stock split 6
      mos.ago or 5 yrs.ago,a split will be announced after
      stock stays 50 or more for 30 days.

    • i agree, if theres going to be split, it will
      happens early next year not this year. I think the stock
      will fall back about 2-3 points this least i
      hope so, b/c i want to buy some at 42-43.GREAT

    • My bet is WAG will not split untill somewhere between 65 and 70...because it just split 1 year ago.


    • You do not state if the former Thrift managers
      are rph's or non-registered as there is a big
      difference in the interest they take on the performance of
      the store. My experience is the Pharmacist has no
      concern of what happens beyond the Rx counter. I have
      seen both Pharmacist and N/R registered managers and
      for total store performance the store needs to be
      managed by a non-pharmacist.

    • I can't bet against you "onlysuz" because I
      believe you are right on target. $50 seems to be the
      number they like to split the stock at. It's seen
      fabulous growth this year going from $27 last August to
      the current$46 1/4 now. Look for a split announcement
      within a month or six weeks

    • Since I've owned the stock, it has always split
      around 50, this is why I said I would have 800 shares
      soon. If not this month, maybe next month. It doesnot
      matter to me because I'm not selling. I'm holding...
      Usually it takes about 3 years to get to 50 afer a split,
      this time it's near 50 after only 1 year! Yo. Please
      buy this stock and pull a Buffet on it. Give it to
      your loved ones when you die. The future of pharmacy
      is in the hands of only a couple dominant players.
      The insurance companies are screwing pharmacists big
      time on reimbursement, but when Wag eats up all the
      competition, it will dictate to the insurance companies what
      it will accept as fees. They are already doing it to
      some companies. President Jorndt calls it "drawing a
      line in the sand" and that guy is all business. Good
      luck with your investing!!!

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