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  • bondsquad bondsquad Jul 27, 1998 10:51 AM Flag


    No offense to anyone here, but I'm a little
    perplexed by some posts that seem to offer an authoritative
    message of how WAG will perform. NOBODY knows what this
    stock is going to do, and nobody really knows what it's
    worth, either. Any thoughts to the contrary are, at
    best, educated guesses. I am encouraged that at least
    some of these messages cite some fundamental
    information regarding the company, but those data are not
    guarantees. The more authority you impart by taking an "all
    knowing" tone, the less I am inclined to think you know
    what you're talking about. (Unless, of course, you are
    really a Wall Street analyst, in which case, well you
    can guess the rest...)

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    • You're correct, no one will know what Wag will
      do, not even the man himself. Here is prior notes
      from LDJ a couple of weeks back to Wag

      July 13, 1998

      This week's insight from
      President and CEO Dan Jorndt:

      What�s Behind our
      Stock Price Increase?

      Our stock had a great run
      last week � up about $4/share in heavy trading. The
      big question, of course, is why. I can only tell you
      what we told the press when they called: we made no
      announcements last week which would have triggered this stock
      activity. The last two announcements were third quarter
      earnings (June 29) and June sales (July 2). Both were
      strong and were received very well by the financial
      analyst community.

      There�s been rampant
      speculation in the press (and rumors in our Deerfield halls)
      about our stock. The WAG investor Yahoo chat board is
      full of people talking about a split � already!!! I
      can just tell you these are rumors only � we just had
      our third quarter board of directors meeting and
      "stock split" was not one of our topics.

      A group
      from Goldman, Sachs was in last week and they believe
      our stock is benefiting from solid operating
      performance and from investors who are moving money from
      Asian markets to strong, stable U.S. stocks. They also
      complimented the strength and discipline of our management at
      all levels of the company.

      Their comments �
      and compliment � are worth taking to heart. Because
      what they�re saying is this: the long-term health of
      any stock is based on performance. The stock market
      makes its leaps � and don�t forget it also makes its
      dives � but, over time, only our consistent earnings
      increases keep us a good company in which to invest. And
      consistently good earnings mean consistently good operations �
      every day, in every store, for every customer.
      Customers don�t shop at Walgreens because our stock is up
      $4 a share � they could care less. And if we start
      worrying too much about our stock and not enough about our
      customers � WAG won�t be up $4/share.

      Don�t know
      where the stock will go this week, but there�s no doubt
      a lot of us have made money on WAG the past few
      months. That�s great � and I get as excited as anyone.
      But I also get worried. I�ve seen far too many people
      spending far too much time with calculators the past few
      weeks, figuring our how much their net worth has

      Remember � the investors buying up all
      that WAG stock are betting on our future. . Just as
      customers don�t care about our stock price, investors have
      no interest in what we did for them yesterday. Again
      -- it�s our future they�re betting on � and it�s the
      future we must focus on � at every level of this great

      Source: Weekly Notes from the Prez.......

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