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  • planetclicker planetclicker Jul 28, 1998 9:39 PM Flag

    article on ex-msft execs new venture
    WAG is not mentioned but relevant anyway

    see article

    daily info then other newspapers then seattle times

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    • Yes wee better get to RAD board.... the people here may get mad at us...

    • That's why I thought it best to include all their names. The stock went up? Wow. I'd better go to RAD to chat about this w/you before someone accuses me of posting hash...hee hee.

    • you write and ask;

      about how one contract
      means anything and ask why did health alliance cancle
      with WAG.

      1) one contract does not mean
      anything..this is the 2nd one i believe i have read of in the
      past 3 moths involving WAG..2 contracts do not mean
      anything,,,but a trend does and the question to ask is, is this
      the start of a trend ?..i dont know, but i do know
      they WAG lost or let go of a well respected health
      group...i have my money on the fact that through expansion
      they will overcome the loss...but i am not blind to

      2) I do not need to call HealthAlliance over why
      they are not alligned with WAG...we know why, its all
      about margins..WAG wanted more or the same and Heath
      Alliance thought for their saying no they could get a deal
      that would be worth their saving. Who is right..i dont
      know, i hope they both are. Read the 10k..WAG talks
      about this sort of thing..they are drawing lines in the
      sand..hurah , great, way to go WAG...if it works then as a
      shareholder i will be happy and if it doesnt, i amsue WAG
      will react to it.

      The old days of health care
      are over,,,they are all squeezing each other to save
      a buck...remeber WAG doesnt make anything, they
      just resell inventory and service, they have no
      patents, they do not make things that people buy so the
      question is who has the power, someone like health
      alliance with all its enrollees or a WAG store that those
      people go to ?...i do not know, i just know it is not
      easy to walk away from that base of people which WAG
      in the press release admited as such.

      I have
      no motive regarding heath alliance...i am as healthy
      as a stud bull so personally it does not matter. Yes
      i sold 1/2 my business to Carle which is linked to
      them, but the other group i sold to is who i am
      employed by. What WAG does they do for a reason, I have
      never said they were wrong to do, it just raises
      eyebrows and does not create a winning situation for any
      concern. I am certain WAG is not thrilled about walking
      away from Health Alliance...they did what they felt
      was right and since they do most everything else
      right, i am not selling...just raising my

      1,2,3,4 who do we appreciate ?!!!! WAG, WAG, WAG


      Golden...wearing my WAG sweater

    • Frist i am a shareholder of WAG...alot of it at
      least by my standards, they have great stores and great
      locations and i am excited and confident about their growth
      prospects going forward.

      2nd...i have 15 years of
      health care background and even eat lunch with a
      pharmacist i know maybe 3 times a week at a private

      3rd...someone is going to fill those will
      they go out of business for doing so , time will tell,
      but my guess is that they will not, they will just be
      willing to accept lower margins.

      4) Employees , in
      this part of the world do not get to pick and chose
      their health insurer...their employer does and having
      been an employer (sold my health care business to a
      group in part connected to Health Alliance ), i can
      tell you that cost spoke volumes over convience. Maybe
      congress will change this, who knows, but that is the
      reality for know.

      5)Health Alliance is a big
      provider, they i would guess from danville to bloomington
      alone controll 1/2 the market of a population of i
      guess 1/4 million people..the point is that you can
      drive all day in this part of the state and see their
      satalite centers connected to Carle clinic out of
      champaign...they are not small fish. People may bitch bout not
      getting to go to the corner WAG, but they will not be
      half as lazy as i am and end up going to another
      pharmacy which i guess in my town there is always 1 within
      5 minutes of WAG..(We have 2 of them ).

      The issue is not that they just drop health alliance
      but rather is this a sign of things to come as both
      sides of the equation attempt to pinch the others
      margins. Will WAG announce another disolved agreement next
      month with another HMO OR health plan ?

      Because if they do it is never a win/ win for

      8) Because as i said, some company is going to fill
      those precsripitions and and that each visit lost to
      WAG is someones sale and gain as they will also buy
      other things in the store.

      9) and finally, why
      all the talk about prescpitions ? WELL 1/2 THE
      CHUNK OF THEIR PROFIT...I am to lazy to look at the 10K
      but i know it is not small change.

      Alot of
      companies would love to be 1/2 as good as WAG, and if they
      see an opening, they will go for it...You better
      believe that at least as of today the pharmacy down the
      street seems comfortable with it...what about places
      like WALMART or KMART..hell they can and may just wish
      to break even on the pharmacy side just to get
      people in the store to buy other things. Those places
      could close their pharmacys and they stayin
      business..WAG cannot do that,so they could use their Pharmacy's
      as a leverage.

      I am just throwing things out
      for some of you to think about, I am not selling WAG
      andtrust they are and have thought it well out. But i do
      know this is not an easy issue for them and it is a
      dog eat dog business decision and that we as
      shareholders should not take these pharmacys issues lightly or
      dismiss them as if they do not matter.

      criticially...not just glowingly.


    • WAG and the Bucs, they're going all the way!

    • Well pardon me, that's 3. The POINT is that WAG
      is not out randomly canceling contracts as implied
      by Golden, and I'd bet they aren't canceling
      profitable ones. More power to WAG. When posts are made that
      I disagree with, I will now, and in the future,
      respond to them. If you don't feel that is constructive,
      then don't read my posts.

    • Didn't mean to PUT DOWN central IL...I was just sick of reading goldens garbage about the road management at WAG chose.
      It is obvious golden has never been in business. Your point is well taken.

    • is there. Read post 702 re:San Fran & Louisiana.

      As far as Facman 43, Central IL is not "podunk", it
      consists of several large metropolitan areas: Springfield,
      Peoria, IL Quad Cities, Bloomington/Normal, Decatur,
      Champaign/Urbana. There are alot more stores there than you may
      think (sorry, specific # of stores

      Berand (et al) does bring up a good point in Post 708.
      Volume does not necessarily mean profits. Contractors
      bid projects with a profit built-in. Yes, personal
      service is a factor.

      We need to have confidence in
      WAG management. They should pass on select
      opportunities if they feel it is not in the best interest of
      the company/shareholders. That is why they are on our

      Please quit "slinging hash" and provide constructive

    • First of all, if you are so hell fire consumed
      with why WAG dumped HA and you ARE a shareholder, then
      why haven't you called investor relations? Or were
      you trying to generate calls to IR? Did you ask HA
      why WAG dropped them as I suggested? What FACTS
      brought you to the conclusion that cancelling this
      particular contract was bad move? Tell me genius, why are we
      "dumbasses?" Is it because no one reacted to your scare
      tactics? How does the cancellation of ONE contract that
      covered ONE portion of ONE state constitute a "trend?"
      Your posts reflect that of a person who had some
      personal interest in HA's contract with WAG, not a WAG
      shareholder. Okay, so you lost your shirt on HA...Buy some WAG
      stock. You'll feel better...<g>.

    • WAY TO GO berand---Maybe golden will get the
      message!!!!I'm from a small town in SW Louisiana--we have 5 free
      standing WAG stores (all within sight of other chains) and
      they are doinga land office business!! PODUNK ILL. is
      NOT the only place in the USA where WAG stores are
      located. I enjoy shopping at our WAG stores because of the
      friendly helpful employees. Lowestprices don't mean
      everything to most people. SERVICE WITH A SMILE does.

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