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  • Yankees07 Yankees07 Jul 31, 1998 10:37 AM Flag

    Insider trades...

    I hate it when they start selling...

    it's only half a million shares and they're probably
    holding this the time to take

    More than a coincidence that management wants to keep
    WAG at the 40-50 range to keep those "stock split
    hawks" at bay?

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    • Yep, read about the underfilling deal a few months ago. We'll probably just have to stay after school for a little bit to take care of it.

    • Did anyone see an article about a guy filing a
      whistle-blower suit against WAG? It's the same problem that
      Eckard's has, alleged over-charging and partial

      I just saw a blurb, didn't read whole article.

    • I agree about the ra-ra mentality on this board
      (and every board for that matter). Walgreen used to be
      a quiet, laid-back steady performer. These days,
      it's becoming more and more volitale as it becomes
      more popular. This is to be expected, I guess,
      popularity is what drives the stock's price up. But it comes
      with a price. The mistake people make with WAG is that
      they start expecting it to behave like a high tech
      wonder. It's a highly successful retail chain and should
      act as such. Actually 48 seemed to be an overvalued
      position for WAG and this is a natural pullback to more
      reasonable prices. Your price range for '99 looks like it's
      in the ballpark, with a split possible.

    • Yankee;

      Good point and i wouuld grant you
      that management has an interst in the stock price
      espicially in the granting of opitions....but again i do not
      think they can do much to controll the stock price over
      the long term EXCEPT for growing sales and improving
      profit margins, if they do that then the market will
      decide what multiple to give WAG based on a number of
      factors that management has little to do

      Anyone who is an owner has and interest in the stock
      price. I do not believe that WAG management though sits
      around like some here and fret about the stock price on
      a daily basis.

      I just see a lot of short
      term, ra-ra mentality on this board...the stock goes
      from 33 to 48 in 2 months, then back to 43 and you
      would think the sky was falling.

      WAG is a great
      company with a nice growth story...the bottom will not
      fall out, nor will it invent the next micro
      it is unreallistic for people to think WAG will be
      almost doubling its stock price every year. 1 year from
      now, i think WAG will trade from a low of 38 to a high
      58 with a August price of of the 55


    • Golden statement: "but they have no clue, nor i
      think much interest in controling the stock

      Bullshit...Every company wants to increase shareholder value, and
      that includes having demand in their stock, besides
      what you mentioned, Golden.

      So they, the
      management, of WAG, and any company, pays much attention to
      the price of the stock. Especially since they receive
      bonuses in the form of options on WAG, and because WAG
      employees buy the stock.

      Example: Proctor and Gamble
      stopped their stock slide from the 90's to the 70's by
      issuing a statement concerning the company's stock
      buyback program. They said they would by more, but didn't
      specify. Take notice, PG is back up in the 80's and was
      one of the only stocks trading in positive territory
      yesterday, August 4.

      This is merely one example of
      how management can control the price of the stock. Of
      course, they don't know if their actions will have a
      positive effect, but that is the intent, and 99% of the
      time, it works.

      The management of WAG knew that
      selling for a profit when they did, they'd bring the
      stock price down. I predicted it, and that's what

      What I'm upset about is that I saw this selling by
      many insiders of fortune 500 companies, but didn't
      give this any respect. If I sold out when they did, I
      could be buying back around now with a nice profit. I'd
      pay capital gains if it meant not losing an average
      of 600 US dollars per stock position.

      I got

    • Your correct they casn't control the price. What it should have said is at or below $50.00. This price just makes people at the lower level "beleive" it is easier to buy stock.

    • It was written;

      <<Sure they keep it
      at $50.00/ share because of this plan and the fact
      that this program is available to a large number of
      people in the company. It makes buying WAG extremley

      I would like to know how WAG controlls the stock
      price...i thought the market did that. WAG does alot of
      things well, and i think it is very safe to say WAG is
      going to grow sales ALOT over the next few years...but
      they have no clue, nor i think much interest in
      controling the stock price...their job is grow sales and
      maintain or improve profit margins...nothing more ,
      nothing less.


    • I wouldn't at all be surprised to see them taking profits, but I'm not quite sure I understand, or see the logic in, your keeping stock-split hawks at bay point.

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      • More selling means there are more shares, supply,
        available than demand for the shares. So the stock price
        reflects this and moves down.

        WAG usually splits if
        the stock stays in the 50 range for a prolonged
        period. With WAG in the 40 dollar range, splitting the
        WAG stock is the furthest topic on management's
        Management is taking profits to the tune of 500,000 shares.
        Do you see any new buyers of WAG stock? On no news,
        and during the summer doldrums, WAG will drift in the
        40's. All bets are off if the DOW heads for 10,000. WAG
        will move up as well...

        Lots of people on this
        board want a WAG split, the "stock-split hawks".

        Just letting them know that as we head into August,
        the market is usually dull. But, lots of trends have
        been broken this year, for example the small caps
        never had a run up in January, or at any time this