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  • Yankees07 Yankees07 Aug 27, 1998 12:42 PM Flag

    Market crash on the way!! WAG -> 22!!

    I've read many of your posts in the

    If you are really concerned about p/e ratios, go to
    the Microsoft board and post your shit there. Or,
    Yahoo, in fact, if you look around, there are many
    companies with very high p/e ratios.

    So go there, we
    all know how you feel about WAG. No need to restate
    how you want this stock to go down to

    Come up with something new, inventive, or get some
    balls and short's up to you. But you're not
    going to get anyone at WAG, employee, to sell their
    life savings. Your posts are not convincing.
    Microsoft's BOD are selling their shares, selling like crazy.
    But, through the market turmoil MSFT has been a rock,
    even with the DOJ investigation and the new INTC

    Why don't you go there, MSFT, there are much more
    shorts there than on this board.

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