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  • R44278 R44278 Aug 31, 1998 6:28 PM Flag

    P.E. 45.08


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    • You really think the P/E was responsible for

      I got a beef...After careful observation, it's safe
      to say that athletes have more brains than stock
      brokers, and market managers.

      How can we let
      something like Russia or Japan push our equity markets

      No new news!!!

      Japan has been in an eight
      year recession, and that's being modest. Some foreign
      market analysts have said longer.

      Gorbachev, that's right...the guy Yeltsin replaced...said
      that opening their markets to capitalism would be at
      first more difficult for the Russian consumer, but
      better in the long run.

      Who would invest in these
      markets knowing these situations?

      National Bank and Citi-group? Hey, Deutsch Bank has much,
      much more than our two US banks.

      So this is
      bullshit...we have arguably the strongest economy in our
      nation's history, low unemployment, low inflation, booming
      home sales in the summer months, low interest rates,
      high consumer confidence...

      The only indicator
      Japan and Russia influence is future earnings growth.
      I've got no new news to offer...If our technology is
      better, they'll buy it, somehow...

      Pocket the
      freakin' IMF loans...

      We need some educated people
      running the show on Wall Street. They say the focus is
      now on the small investor, on CNN. I've got news for
      them, this downward spiral was not created by the small

      No, this was caused by some stupid idiots
      who couldn't get into medical school, failed out of
      engineering or pharmacy school, got a communications degree
      at some liberal arts college, and somehow managed an

      Airing it out...