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  • RO_CAL RO_CAL Sep 1, 1998 9:08 AM Flag

    Settle Down!

    It appears everyone is a little on edge out
    there! Just settle down, the end is not here.

    a thing has changed with this equity except for the
    price. WAG is not in the sale of luxury goods, new
    construction, banking, etc.. They are a retailer with personal
    service and a variety of goods on the

    Yeah, sure I wish I would have sold @ 49, but I didn't.
    Just stay the course and we will be there once

    Lots of bargains out there! Can anyone spare a dime?

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    • No, no Walgreens. Orvis, Polo, Yves St. Laurant,

      Actually, Jackson is only 5,000 people full time, but get
      around 3 million visitors to Teton National @ year (more
      than Yellowstone) Teton Drugs is a wonderful drug
      store with an old fashioned ice cream fountain.
      Albertson's has a drug store and there is another drug store
      south of town. There is a K-Mart etc. I don't know if
      Jackson would be a good place for a Walgreens, because of
      the two very slow shoulder seasons.

      To be
      honest, although I have been long WAG for years (as has
      my 98 year old Grandmother), I've only been in a
      Walgreens 2 or three times in my life. Am I missing
      something? Do they have a good dry fly department?

    • Nice 2 towns you have lived in, igot a chuckle
      when you wrote;

      <<I remember 6 or seven
      splits ago when I thought I was a genius for selling
      USRX at 25 for a three bagger. I ended up leaving
      $300,000.00+ on the table. >>

      Well the way USRX
      has acted with 3COM it actually probably was a very
      good move as anyone who has held USRX since summer of
      96 has been crushed. Any Walgreens in Jackson where
      all the beutiful people live ?

    • thanks guys....I just went and kissed my kid and realized he is more important that walgreen going up or down ...Ill check in next month.....thanks...

    • For we average people that only invest as a way
      to retire opposed to those who make it
      their life's blood, it is a far better strategy to have
      automatic deduction taken out of your check periodically
      and live a little while you watch it grow!!! I
      personally invest a little for fun (for the gambler in me),
      but the majority of my investments are left to
      someone with a track record. Let someone else with more
      information lose sleep over making u money, but be informed
      about who u let handle the funds. After all, if all
      someone does is study the maket...let it be that
      way...but call it a career. We others are best suited to
      lessen the risks of losing by allowing investors to make
      money for us. Enjoy your families...that is a true
      retirement plan

      Anyway, another mans opinion

    • This is exactly the kind of stock people flock to when the going gets scary.