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  • Eternal_Optimist Eternal_Optimist Oct 27, 1998 3:14 PM Flag

    Long WAG holders shouldn't watch day to

    I am not going to lower myself into a trading
    position on WAG. I'm an investor, not a trader. This is a
    long term investment. I'm in @ 23 and change/haven't
    even held 18 months for capital gains
    There will be ups and downs, downs are the opportunity
    to increase holdings. Buy on >20% retractions
    ($41.00 or less).
    What are the agenda's of the
    naysayers on this stock? SHORTS!

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    • Yankee: JFYI, 80%+ of all prescriptions sold are
      to patients covered by some insurance plan, only 20%
      are cash customers.
      You;ll go out of business
      selling to only cash customers, but you must draw the
      line with theses HMO's somewhere. To continue to
      accept less money from these people is
      arnolddog(rph in Seatle)

    • WAG is not going to lose much money from dropping
      a prescription plan...I'm pretty sure WAG checked
      to see what percentage of sales was coming from the
      HMO first...

      WAG makes its money from those
      consumers without prescription plans anyway. Paying
      customers, repeat sales from cash customers is most
      important. You know, self-employed, etc...

      Here's a
      tidbit of info you guys may not have heard about...the
      sixth largest HMO in New Jersey is bankrupt, and the
      president of the company committed suicide...A government
      branch in New Jersey is taking the HMO over.

      can interpret this anyway you want...

    • It was only a point I wanted to bring out. Some
      of the stores may see a minute drop in sales of
      drugs due to dropping some of the HMO's. Customers
      still using an HMO will only go to another store to buy
      their drugs.

      I do not question their managemnt
      decision but just a thought of a possible lose of sales
      and a lessor quanitative purchase of the drugs to be
      sold that may increase the purchase price from the
      mfr's. They too may lose sales of other products because
      of not using that WAG.

      BTW, me too very long
      on WAG


    • Just had to do it!

      A salute to all the WAG longers...

    • Wag came out with an article several months back,
      that they would drop hmo's they could not make money
      on drugs. The hmo idea sell drugs below cost people
      would come and buy other product and WAG make money ,it
      didn't work. It's not the first hmo wag has droped. REAL

    • stpresto said:

      >>Wag's best entry into the NY market is through the acquisition
      of GDXA - they gain instant dominance in NYC. <<

      WAG doesn't do acquisitions.

    • bzillion said:

      >I am surprised to see
      that Wag is dropping some of the HMO's for
      > because of the low reimbursements. There is a 3
      way street >for this
      > (WAG,HMO,Mfr) and
      they are all making $ and so are >shareholders.
      This may be
      > lost sales/earnings.

      position is that the reimbursement rate from those plans
      is so small that it doesn't cover the cost of
      filling the prescriptions, so we lose money on each one
      we fill. The HMO wants the rate as low as possible
      because that is where they make their money. There has to
      be a happy medium. WAG obviously isn't asking for a
      fee that is TOO high because they haven't driven any
      insurance companies out of business, but some HMO's want a
      fee so small that we can't profitably deal with them.

    • Mr K55-- Been there too but we lost some on the
      down side and gotta pick up again to sustain the over
      $50. Don't know why we lost speed the past few days
      but WAG will get moving again because their future is
      nothing but growth.

      You know well not to watch the
      daily price-- just look at it every once in a while..
      Look what it has done for you in , What 3--4 splits!
      Think what it may do in a few more years for

      I am surprised to see that Wag is dropping some of
      the HMO's for prescriptions because of the low
      reimbursements. There is a 3 way street for this (WAG,HMO,Mfr)
      and they are all making $ and so are shareholders.
      This may be lost sales/earnings.

      Lets hang in
      there -- long on WAG.


    • I bought wag in dec'95 at$14 a share. More than a
      triple in less then 3 years! Walgreen stores in fort
      lauderdale are clean and well run. Only competition here is
      eckerds. Wag has lower prices AND sells booze! Stock up on
      Wag if it drops much more.