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  • most everyone says that WAG does not / will not buy another drug company.

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    • Thanks for the correction. I was out of the
      country when WAG announced the dividend

      Garf, it has been WAG's corporate philosophy for
      decades not buy the problems of another company. By
      purchasing another drug company, WAG loses control of store
      location which is a very significant consideration. The
      saying "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." also may come
      into play. Given WAG's success over the years, why
      should they deviate from what has been working so

      Anyways, just some food for thought.

    • The reason I have read most often is that they
      don't want to buy someone elses' problems. They prefer
      to grow by constructing state of the art stand alone
      stores which they have done with zero debt. They average
      age of their stores is 4 years old compared with an
      industry average of something like 8 years. Rite Aid on
      the other hand has purchased other stores in strip
      mauls and has sought growth thru that method. Frankly I
      am amazed at Wag's ability to open a new store
      almost every working day in America without borrowing a
      dime. I can't think of another company that I would
      rather invest in. When the market moves down WAG barely

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