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  • esteban_1960 esteban_1960 Nov 18, 1998 2:25 PM Flag


    Jimmy rogers earned a 90% return on his Barron's
    predictions of last year. He personally is probably worth
    billions. Definitely hundreds of millions. Started with
    $600. Must be doing something right. Now tell me where
    I can read his thoughts ? I no longer get CNBC.

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    • Why'd you drop CNBC? I always listen to the
      Friday session of "Swalk Box" just for Rogers' comments
      ( he usually is the guist host ) - but- he won't be
      there for the next year as he will be traveling around
      the world. I do think he writes an article for
      "WORTH" magizine-and maybe he'll continue that
      Am from Chicagee and grew uf with Walgreens (in fact
      my mother worked there). This company is a prime
      example of good genes in that suceeding generations are
      doing things correctly.
      Hope we can keep track of
      Rogers! Who are your other gurus? Thanks