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  • marketstratagist marketstratagist Dec 6, 1998 4:36 PM Flag


    my last post should read.....cautious on stock

    additional thoughts from last post

    my family is a
    long-term shareholder of walgreens. I am just a little bit
    nervous that expectations from wag shareholders might be
    a little too high. Its a great company but its
    valued for perfection... I get a little uneasy with my
    investment when i see such optimism....just an
    opinion....take it for what its worth.......good luck to all

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    • ....get off the porch. If you are a stratagist of
      markets go with your stratagy. If you feel uneasy (read:
      short) go directly to the nearest Walgreen Phamacy and
      purchase a large bottle of pebto-bismol. Then call your
      broker and sell all your wag holdings. But be advised to
      save some pebto-bismol for the queasy feeling you will
      most certainly get when wag stock continues to rise 20
      to 30 percent yearly for the next 10 years. just
      mho... good luck to you

    • I know people on the inside and this is going to
      split the end of the month. As for the comments that
      WAG is recession proof etc. They are very much aware
      of Wal Mart's impact on their business and it is a
      concern. Granted, the CEO even commented in NY Times
      Sunday Business section that people don't want to go to
      a huge store for a prescription etc. However WAG
      stores aren't exactly pretty or cool and someday someone
      will choose the Target store approach and snatch
      business away. WAG stores seem to be more for the retiree
      crowd and one day that demographic will move on.

      • 2 Replies to kaaahuna
      • A few things. I am sick and tired of people
        "claiming" to know the people on the inside. You're full of
        it! You know nobody! Your claim that you "know the
        people on the inside" makes your posting no more

        Also, I am sick of hearing about the stock splitting.
        Don't you people understand basic finance? A split
        means nothing! Actually, the evidence points out that a
        stock will suffer in the first 2 weeks after a split is
        paid. It is simple math to figure out the split is

        Thirdly, I don't know where you are from but WAG stores
        are not for the retiree crowd. I live in Lincoln Park
        (Chicago) and there is a WAG store on every corner! They
        are also huge in the suburbs! Not many retirees in
        these areas! The stores are cool enough for everyone in

        Everyone...Just relax and don't worry about this split. If it
        happens, fine. If it doesn't that's fine also. Just enjoy
        the profitability of the company.

      • I've worked for Walgreens for 10 years, and
        things just
        seem to get better, and better. Monday,
        November 30th,
        we set a WAG record, filling over 1
        million prescriptions
        in 1 day. Thats quite an
        accomplishment from over 2600
        stores. Go WAGS...