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  • budfox8 budfox8 Dec 7, 1998 7:02 PM Flag

    I agree

    I live in Chicago also, and there is a walgreens
    on almost every busy corner. They pick great
    locations and they are all filled with people. I don't know
    about what's cool I just know they make money!
    they are not just for retirees that's b.s. I think
    people want stocks to split because it makes them feel
    better holding more shares....but splits in general
    really mean nothing. Ask Warren Buffet he has never
    split Berkshire Hathaway and who wouldn't like to own a
    piece of that......

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    • With Daley stopping the sale of booze-how will this hurt WAG sales. If my memory serves me correctly WAG was also in the booze buisness.

      • 3 Replies to NUCDUDE98
      • Walgreens, is getting out of the booze buisiness,

        at least in Chicago anyway. Walgreens has
        big liquor markets, Chicago, Floridia, and

        Most, if not all new locations are opening
        liquor, sales have gone down over the years, and
        overall gross profit on liquor is not that

        There is a big responsibility when having a liquor
        that you need to have someone 21 at the
        register, and
        carding is a must. Photofinishing has
        become big with
        wags, and pharmacy naturally, but
        with the addition
        of the drive-thru's has been a
        big plus.

        Wag's will survive without liquor,
        after-all, it is a
        drug store!!!

        10 yr

      • If you read your annual report you would see that
        liquor sales as a percent of total WAG sales has been in
        a steady decline. Without the figures in front of
        me I am thinking it is now in the 5-6% range. In
        fact many of the new stores WAGs is building do not
        even have liquor departments. I wouldn't be too
        concerned abou the Chicago situation. What happened was in
        the election many wards were able to vote themselves
        dry. Most were on the south and sw sides of the city
        where liquor stores are on practically every corner and
        hardly any of them were WAGs anyway.

      • Live in Chicago area and this is the first news I've heard about Daley stopping liquor sales. Where did you get that info??? I think this would be politically negative at this time.