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  • budfox8 budfox8 Dec 8, 1998 8:52 PM Flag


    And what makes you think the price of your stock
    wouldn't be much higher without a split...Get real
    Berkshire hathaway goes for over $66000 a share!
    withoutever splitting. I repeat a split in and of itself does
    notincrease the value of your stock....That's basic

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    • Yes, while it doesn't increase the value, we get
      twice the earning power now. But, also twice the
      volatility. I can live with that given the track record of
      this company. My Regional VP was talking about the
      split when he came into my store recently. And this guy
      works out of the corporate office. He hears what the
      buzz is and talks regularly with the big shots. They
      like to see as many employees "investing in their