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  • Yankees07 Yankees07 Dec 9, 1998 1:39 AM Flag

    stock splits...

    Stocks don't have to split, share prices will
    continue to go up as long as there is a strong demand for
    the issue. Let's be honest, if a stock never splits,
    and its share price continues to go up, then at some
    point in time, it'll be too pricey for small time

    I would love to get a piece of Berkshire Hathaway
    and Buffet's 50% increase over last year's share
    price. However, I don't have that kind of capital and
    not many people do. What am I supposed to do? Buy ONE

    When a company splits...they are doing it for the
    little guys...and yeah, higher dilution usually means
    the stocks lag a little bit after the split. But in
    the long run, it all equals out.

    WAG splits
    helps its employees more than anybody else. But
    someday, this too will end...and WAG will have to do
    something ingenious for its employees rather than split the
    stock. Options sound good, as long as the company
    regulates the timing when options can be exercised.

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    • Walgreens employees hold this stock when they buy

      When the stock splits, more employees purchase the
      stock. I realize that 1 share of $50 stock is the same
      as 2 shares of $25 stock, but there is a mental
      piece to purchasing stock....$25 stock looks more
      "affordable" to the average investor.

      The more people
      that buy and hold this stock, the better.

    • wag needs to split for the many little guys out
      there. i don't know why these people complain. if you
      have 100 shares worth $100 or you have 200 shares
      worth $100. you still have $100. I would love to own
      berkshire hathaway also but if i did i woul't need stock in
      the first place.


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      • are you referring to? WAGs is in the $50-60
        range, very affordable in my book. As I said before a
        stock like IBM in the $170 range is not as affordable
        and would be a candidate for a split. Will a price in
        the $25-30 range bring out a buyer that didn't want
        to buy in the $50-60 range? Only if they are totally
        ignorant of investing.

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