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  • OrangeCowboy OrangeCowboy Jan 11, 1999 2:49 PM Flag

    Why is the price of WAG dropping?

    What caused the price of WAG to rise to sharply
    in December and fall so quickly in Janaury? Was is
    profit taking? Any thoughts?

    Also, will a 2:1
    split be announce or a 3:1 split be


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    • Full page AD in Sunday paper here all XMAS at RAD 75%off. Problem: it was all packed away a week and a half ago.

    • Tomorrow, 2:00 P.M., Navy pier, Chicago.
      ready for great news. If you haven't loaded up on wag
      stock, I suggest you do so ASAP, your in for the ride of
      your life. Walgreens is about to set records in it's
      history! Come aboard and enjoy the ride. 6000 by 2010, no
      other drug chain can compare. Top in leaders, top in
      tech., don't miss this one!

    • The reason for the drop was not just due to
      Walgreens, it was the whole sector. Shares of CVS, RAD, HZP,
      etc also fell during this period. This is the easiest
      way to look at it. WAG is such a strong stock that,
      people invest in it for a piece of mind, not to mention
      sound investment. However, what I have been noticing is
      that on Down Dow days, WAG goes up, and on up days,
      WAG drops. Alot of this has to do with the internet
      stocks. WAG shot up after the tech stocks took a hit
      after Thanksgiving, and now what they started to heat
      up the last 1-2 weeks, people are getting daring
      again, and putting a few $$ into them again. I know
      because I was one of them. As you see, they crashed
      today, and WAG went up. Don't worry, WAG is here for the
      long run and people know that. I still don't mind a
      60% return a year after the recent drop.


    • Anyone know about one?

    • I certainly am not superstitious about stocks,
      not exactly the place for it. And as far as me trying
      to "kwell free speech" my post was tongue-in-cheek,
      obviously you did not take it that way. And I still
      disagree about your take on splits. Yes in the long run a
      stock will go up after a split, but take a look at the
      weeks just after.

    • Excuse me Glick but I believe you're the one who
      was trying to kwell free speech when you "challenged
      everyone not to mention the S word". You have a sophmoric
      way of trying to twist what I said into some attack
      on you but you don't cut it man.
      Never said I was
      an expert but having worked as an RPh for WAG 22
      years ago and having owned their stock since 1981 I
      have seen the trends. Bottom line Glick is that
      nomatter what happens at tomorrow's meeting..the stock
      will split in the near future and it will run up and
      do it again. Sorry if this jinxes you man.

    • <<<<<<I'll take a clean sell
      thru to massive sales via markdowns. I've see drastic
      clearance sales due to heavy overstock and it's not pretty.

      Well, if anyone is really hot for 50% off X-mas mdse as
      well as poinsettias at *full* price (I didn't know
      they were a Valentine's flower!) My local RAD in San
      Diego has plenty.'s still on the sales floor.
      And you are's not a pretty sight at all.

    • I believe the history on most stock splits is
      that the stock will ride up prior to and just after
      the split and will then go down.
      But since you
      seem to be such an expert I guess my opinion (which is
      exactly what I said in my last message) isn't worth your

      And regarding your comment about leaving; in case you
      haven't realized it this is a public forum and I can say
      whatever I want. And since what I have to say to you isn't
      very nice I guess I'll wait until you flame me some
      more, which seems to be your only contribution to this

    • Why should you care whether or not anyone opines
      whether or when the stock will split. Are you
      superstitious? If you don't like it, leave. It doesn't matter
      how often the prognoticators on this board mention
      the "S" word. The company will do what they will when
      they decide. One other thing. When the stock does
      split, history and common sense dictates that there will
      be a faster upward move than at this level.

    • What is decent about 50% off? You can't survive
      on 0-10% markup! All the clearance does is free up
      some of the cash so the company can put the money in
      the bank instead of sitting in the stock room as
      unsold merchandise with unknown value the next year!
      I'll take a clean sell thru to massive sales via
      markdowns. I've see drastic clearance sales due to heavy
      overstock and it's not pretty. It looks great when you see
      all the customers, but you need to look at the
      average sale compared to the over flowing shoping carts.
      Why do you think Wal-Mart sells out and is not
      interested in carrying it to the very end! You have to carry
      some over to maximize sales and with Walgreens
      technology that is exactly what they are geared to do, min.
      carry over with max. sales = greater profits and less
      tied up dollars. Put the money in the bank, not the
      stockroom. Walgreens has the formula and the people to do
      so. Tomorrow starts the new and exciting ride. 6000
      by 2010, thats double the stores in 10 years, this
      is exciting. Not only are they going to double the
      store count but,almost all the new sites are beating
      projections in sales and profit. You haven't seen anything
      yet! The only hold back will be finding and keeping
      the qualified employees to staff the future, but
      knowing the company like I do, I know they can handle it.

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