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  • muskieboy muskieboy Jan 30, 1999 7:24 PM Flag

    DUMP (Pardon me, I mean DEMP)

    i have a friend who is a pharmacist at wag.he
    sharesyour thoughts concerning rx pick up windows.a real
    invitation to unscrupulus people.also your point about
    walking through the store to pick up rx is also valid.i
    guess the powers that be thought the added supposed
    convenience was worth it or they failed to see the wisdom.i
    like you wonder how long it will take till we see rx
    pick up window attempted robbery.i wonder if any wag
    employees have any thoughts on this matter.??also to all of
    you who think i overreacted to wagfag all you need to
    do is go to the bottom of yahoo page punch in author
    and see the history of this??????p.s.not on a full is advised