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  • WagTheZenDog WagTheZenDog Apr 29, 1999 11:10 AM Flag

    Walgreen performance - don't fret it!

    I tell people time and time again to invest --not
    trade. right now investors are snickered at by Day
    traders. But actually investors will gain alot more
    return. Case in point, my fellow Walgreen coworker who
    does not invest in wag , likes to day trade. When went up --I think it was 40% in a single day--boy
    he beamed. So says he " how much did wag go up?".
    yup he made a killing. ok reality he sold that same
    day. let's say that he put in $10, 40% return
    =$14,000. minus capital gains of 48% tax total is $2080
    profit on a $10,000 risk. it is good but the stock had
    to have an unbelievable gain of40% in one day...