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  • Restaurant_Researcher Restaurant_Researcher Apr 14, 1999 1:34 AM Flag

    I have never seen so much potential, as

    I do in (WRAP). This is not hype or P&D. I have
    researched Wrapsters Inc. in great depth and detail. All of
    their efforts, are now in the proccess of being
    realized. Follow these three URL's, and make your own
    decision. Your time will be well

    Note: I have heard from both the CEO and V.P. of
    Operations. They will be releasing news in the next three
    weeks, on several deals that they are in current
    progress on. The stock trades on next to no volume and has
    little exposure to the puplic. IMO the stock will
    sky-rocket on any and all news to come. They are in the
    process of having 100 company/franchisee restaurants,
    open within the next twelve months.

    Two of the
    individuals, running and financing this company (Thomas E.
    Metzger and Clyde E. Culp III), have the best background
    and credentials I have ever seen, for this

    ***They are currently in the process of opening a major
    Internet site: Offering everything from
    vitamins to supplements, including a massive information
    data base on all health issues.

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    • Stockholders might be interested in a sattelite
      broadcast on May 4th at Edward Jones. It is a closed
      circuit broadcast on pharmaceutical companies and their
      influence on the drugstore industry. Dan Jorndt will be
      their special guest. Your point about the aging of the
      company executives is an interesting point but again, if
      you have held stock in this company for over 3
      decades like I have, you will have seen this fall back
      after a split as just the normal routine of WAG stock.
      Like the previous posts have stated, lets see where it
      is this fall. ps I am sure thought you are not a
      client your local Edward Jones office would be happy for
      you to sit in on the telecast.
      John in Arkansas

    • Upper management is aging and there are millions
      of shares being being sold as part of the option
      grants--called planned sales; or as we like to call them ,
      insider trading. Just think, if I had kept my 100 shares
      from 1970 they would be worth about 3 million
      now--just think what is being dumped by management that has
      been with them 30-40 years?

    • Pharmacycollector, I believe you may be very
      close on your forecast, and considering this company
      has 24 consecutive years of increasing sales and
      earnings,the recent pullback seems no more to me than a buying
      opportunity in a debt free (since1992),solid,dependable
      growth company.Looking at the 5yr chart on yahoo, one
      can see the consistancy. It ain't changin now. Friday
      shook a few apples out of the tree, and as in the past
      somebody should jump on them this week. Could bump 30 this

    • Investor's Business Daily reports where the big
      money is flowing. It has WAG with an "E" which means
      big money is leaving WAG in the 4/19/99 edition. I
      took a random sample of 26 stocks from the 4/9/99
      paper with a distibution of "E". 17 had went up as of
      the close on 4/17/99 (some way up). 9 had went down
      on the close of 4/17/99. I don't really know if this
      means anything but a previous post had concerns with
      wag and the distribution.

      Any thoughts or
      analysis is appreciated.

    • What are the names of your drug stores in
      Lithuania? I lived and worked in Vilnius for two years. I
      wasn't of any private pharmacies/drug stores except for
      a German one in Old Town. Yours must be relatively

    • We own and manage drug stores in Lithuania and
      put our profits into WAG stock. Walgreens strength is
      it's balance sheet and, more importantly, it's
      logistics in predetermining venue for new and older stores.
      The weak link is it's conservative mgmt. and their
      mitigated entry into the Internet era. Anyone who holds WAG
      stock for longer than 2 years WILL have a double digit
      return. Still, DRD and CVS are worth a look (not just the
      stock prices, but mgmt and how the co's are handled
      operationally). Those who feel WAG will fall in the coming days
      should have the audacity to short it!

    • im a bull on the markets;but think we have come to far to fast. W e will see a major correction soon & investors will start to dump cash into WAG.

    • Over the last 10 years the Standard and Poor 500
      Guide has given Walgreen a HOLD rating. Barrons has
      never had a good word for WAG and Value Line has given
      Walgreen as so-so rating. IBD has rated all the major
      companies "E" and "D" at some point including all the Drug
      Stocks and retail stocks. (Since then 4 splits)
      Telecommunication and entertainment companies faired no better
      under the IBD eye. In one of my messages I pointed out
      that we would not be seeing Walgreen hitting 32 until
      some time in June and by August we could expect 35 and
      by X-mas it should be in the 40's.

    • ToSleepPerchanceToDream ToSleepPerchanceToDream Apr 18, 1999 11:20 AM Flag

      and WAG will be in favor again.

    • I hate to say this but we are looking at a great
      buying opp or great selling opp. The way it looks I
      would say a great selling opp. At 47 pe and rotation
      out of run-up stocks, WAG looks ripe for a scary fast
      fall. The big boys are trying to beat each other to the
      door, and when you see this----------down fast. LONG
      TERM IS FINE but right now I hate to say it boys ,

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